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By Taki Simeli

Q: What has been your biggest learning moment this year so far?

A: Since I got promoted to Account Manager, and moved towards a people’s management role, I have often been taken back to a saying that my manager back in my retail years who would always say – seek first to understand, before wanting to be understood, and boy, did I discover what he meant this year. At my current job, when I was still learning the ropes, my manager would do or say things that I sometimes interpreted in a negative way (blame the Aries in me). Back then, it was hard to understand that she would do that to help grow me or that she had her own deadlines and that client expectations had to be met. Now that I am in a management position, I have a greater understanding of where she was coming from, and how this feedback helped contribute towards my career growth.

Q: What do you feel most proud of so far this year? 

A: It would definitely be how I have grown in my strategic thinking – weighing up all possible scenarios and pre – empting possible outcomes before adopting a certain approach, and how this has added value to the team.

Q: What skill would you most like to master? 

A: I would love to get to a point where I walk into a room and own it! So public speaking is a definite must for me. Linked to this, would also be confidence, and standing firm in what I believe in.

Q: What does a perfect day look like to you 

A: Rooftop vibe, bubbly in hand, good music and lots of laughs.

Q: Great time saving hack you have learnt so far?

A: Don’t know if I should be saying this publicly, but I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. If we already have content that speaks to a certain topic, I save time, by making the stats and info more current, however, the main messaging should remain 🙂


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