About the Blogger

By Claudia Ferguson

Q: What has been your biggest learning moment this year so far?

A: To pick your battles and know which are worth fighting and those that you just need to shake off and move on.

 Q: What do you feel most proud of so far this year?

A: That’s a tough one – but I would have to say my team. The commitment, growth and maturity shown to clients and the agency has been amazing.

Q: What skill would you most like to master?

A: I would love to get back into my photography and really feel comfortable that ‘I’ll get the shot’.

Q: What does a perfect day look like to you?

A: Lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand 😊 But more realistically – a day with no meetings, no client issues and looming deadlines – where I can focus on adding additional value to client campaigns.

Q: Great time saving hack you have learnt so far?

A: If you have lots to do, work from home if you can. Close your email and power through.

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