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By Meggan Liebenberg
Meggan Liebenberg

Q: What are your thoughts on the start to the year?

A: I am thrilled! Finally, we have an upswing of positivity and our newly elected President is a critical component to my overly optimistic and happy business mood! We still have a very long walk ahead of us, but we can be proud of the progress made and the rallying of private sector, civil society and the media in driving this change. We now individually, all need to heed our President’s call and do our bit to drive positive change and growth in our land.

Q: What has been really positive?

A: Our new President (this is a headline fact).

Q: What negativity needs to be dispelled?

A: It’s obvious that our country is at an all time low when it comes to confidence in leadership. But I feel that while yes, many of our official institutions have clearly been plundered, many of our key institutional entities have upheld the constitution and shown tremendous stability and tenacity in troubled times. The myth that every leader is corrupt and every department up for sale needs to be dispelled quickly if we want to develop as a country and rejuvenate our investment position globally. I personally have been exceptionally humbled and proud of the work done by our judicial system for example. It’s been an incredible testament to the democratic foundation of our country, and the men and women that built our constitution.

Q: Your wish for 2018?

A: I have a few 😊

  • That Orange Ink continues to stand for collective accountability in all our opportunities and challenges
  • That the Orange Ink team continues to grow from strength to strength
  • That PR becomes the credible source of information it should be, as opposed to the spin and fake news that it has become tainted with…….
  • That my 3 beautiful children continue to grow into healthy, balanced and caring individuals

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