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Defining Brand Culture and Strategy

Bringing the brand experience to every internal touch-point and creating a strategic culture

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OI Sense: Industry Insights and Monitoring

Decisions should be made based on relevant data and your brand journey is no different.

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Internal Communications and Execution

“Your brand is what other people say about you, when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos.

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Media Event Management and Marketing Activations

We look at engagement – what will get your customer interested?

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Media Relations and PR Exposure

We are experts in media and can help you unlock the right conversations, build key relationships, grow your influence, and tell your story.

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Multi-platform Content Development and Amplification

Everything is digital-first!

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Reputation, Issue and Crisis Communications

We have worked and led many crisis response teams for our clients. We understand and advocate that a crisis isn’t always a battle to be won.

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Social, Influencer and Digital Publicity

The ability to demonstrate real value in this space is often what worries brands – this is where we can help

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ESG Communications Support

ESG (Environmental, Society and Governance) has become a key factor for so many businesses in the market today – from reporting and investing structures to how to approach CSI programmes – and rightly so. Orange Ink can assist and provide the right insights into this issue.

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Beyond Our Borders


We have worked strategically and intentionally on building our African and Global PR network, understanding that effective continent-wide and, in some cases, international reach is a critical objective to any size business locally. So, whether you are looking for exposure across borders, opening an office in another region or need some global insight or support – we have you covered.

Claudia Smith

Business Director

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