Reputation, Issue and Crisis Communications


We have worked and led many crisis response teams for our clients. We understand and advocate that a crisis isn’t always a battle to be won. Rather, it is understanding what the best strategy is to follow, and the most appropriate outcome for our client (or their market). Ensuring your brand has a strong, factual, risk-averse response – but is also authentically human – is what we advocate and deliver – as without this your reputation will be lost.

It is this crucial understanding, together with our communications expertise, that we bring to a client in crisis.


Orange Ink boast a crisis team that is unprecedented in the local market and specialise in not only managing existing crises but identifying potential areas of concern and finding tactical ways to effectively manage these before they become big brand issues. Our Reputation Matters package is a key element to a consumer brand where careful social and market listening is key to not only mitigating risk but, very importantly, jumping on issues that present themselves.

Furthermore, social media support is a critical component to this area of a business, to ensure that the correct tone, approach and direction is set from a crisis and reputational point of view when responding to consumers online. Orange Ink plays an active role in ensuring that the social listening portion of a campaign like this, translates into solid feedback and provides the business with guidance as to risky social media activity.

Lara Magnus


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Lara Magnus


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