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ESG (Environmental, Society and Governance) has become a key factor for so many businesses in the market today – from reporting and investing structures to how to approach CSI programmes – and rightly so.  Orange Ink can provide the right insights into this issue. While everyone is new to this space and the field is constantly changing, there are still some key factors that companies must understand and manage as you move forward. For example, does your company understand the communications implications of disclosure vs. ESG performance?


What does Orange Ink’s EGS support cover?

Our role is to help examine the communications strategy around ESG, to ensure we understand issues that will inform your PR and stakeholder outreach as well as the landscape you operate within. 

Key areas Orange Ink address include:

  • Do you understand the difference between corporate responsibility and corporate sustainability and what this balance looks like?
  • Have you got a purpose statement which examines all areas: including employee well-being, shareholder value vs stakeholders thriving around you.
  • Do you know have a carbon positioning statement?
  • Support of the ESG and Sustainability content compilation
  • Issue management with regards to all required stakeholders
  • Key marketing messing and approach

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Lara Magnus


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